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Poirot Investigates

Poirot Investigates  - Agatha Christie Being the third in the Poirot series of Agatha Christie, the fourth one for me to read, I was least impressed by `Poirot Investigates'. This book is a small series in itself with about ten short stories of Poirot investigating and solving distinct cases.

Sure, the murders, crimes and mysteries are all very well thought off, much distinct and unique, but there is hardly any room in the stories for plot lines other than the straightforward one of solving the case. Nor do the stories shed much extra light on the characters of Poirot or Hasting or do you see them evolve throug the book. The fact that all stories are so short and quickly solved also leaves little room for the reader to try and break his head over it himself.

Nevertheless, an enjoying read if one doesn't go through all the stories in one night, I suppose. :-)