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The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Mohsin Hamid What an amazing, short story this was. First, let me comment on the way of writing: the perspective of a 200-page monologue, or rather one-sided dialogue was entirely new to me. It worked, however. It really did, and is perhaps the best suited way to narrate this story about love, confusion and beliefs.

Second, as a European doing business in Pakistan for more than six years, I feel I can kind of relate to the main character's motivations and actions. What I love about this tale is that rather early on you know exactly what is going to happen, yet you get lulled by the narrator all the time into believing that it might turn out differently after all. Just like I know a Pakistani would! :-)

I would have given it four stars only, but for the fact that I very much like the Pakistani nation and supposedly could relate to the story in a far greater extent than most of its Western readers.

Brilliant piece of work.