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Sailor of the Skysea

Sailor of the Skysea - A.C.F. Crawford Sailor started off really, really well. The introductory chapter was thrilling and served as a welcome to the world, the story and the main character. I also liked the way the story was positioned in two different ages after `The Calamity'.

After 150 pages the story became a bit tedious and after 200 pages I found it downright boring. There is only one perspective we're getting to learn about the world through; the one of the sexiest, strongest and smartest superhero overcoming a long list of seemingly random impediments thrown along his path to... hm, yes, whereto actually?

I had the idea this book had to serve as a forced introduction to the (admittedly very nice and creative) world of Younglands. I never really got to the point of actually caring about any of the characters or their goals.

Still three stars, since it was well written and in the end not too long. If there would have been another 100 pages of this to swallow, I'm not sure if I would have.

What I think this book needs (or sequels to it, as it is hinted more will come) is more POV characters, more elaborate inner thoughts about what is going on and less forced `story'.

But that's only my opinion of course and who am I? :-)