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Carrie - Stephen King wow, what a great read. I saw the original movie and, recently, the 2013 remake. yet, this book still fascinated me, if not for the story, then for the intricate way it gets presented to the reader.

through what is in fact a complex tangle of flashbacks, flash forwards, police reports, first person scenes, third person scenes, newspaper wires, autobiography excerpts, ... King manages to add another layer of suspension to an already thrilling story.

perhaps what I like so much about the well known story of Carrie is the sheer simpleness of it and the way that we can all relate to the main character's yearning for love, belonging and safety.

on a final note, I want to highlight that the book really adds much more significance to the story which the movies (or any movie in fact) ever could. so even if you have seen the movie(s), it's well worth the read.

this was my first Stephen King, but surely not my last!