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Orphan of Islam

Orphan of Islam - Alexander Khan I didn't like Orphan of Islam at all. How it can be compared to [b:The Kite Runner|77203|The Kite Runner|Khaled Hosseini|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1394898159s/77203.jpg|3295919] is beyond me.

Orphan of Islam is simply a list of things happening to a child who has no idea what is going on, takes no decisions about anything and has zero impact on his life whatsoever (except at one point near the end).

All the characters are one-dimensional, and there's absolutely nobody to relate yourself to since the book entirely lacks any emotion or goal.

The account of the nation of Pakistan in the book seems to be a single minded attempt to highlight the worst of the worst aspects of it. If your only idea about life in Pakistan is this book (and perhaps some Western media) you will see it as a torturous, Midieval desert inhabited solely by uneducated, overly religious savages. Moreover, the description of the Pakistani immigrant population in England is one of a terrible group of extremists (which is dangerous and demagoguish, if you ask me).

Having lived and worked in Pakistan on and off the past eight years, I cannot stress hard enough that there's a whole other story to be told too.

Overall, the book is not worth your time. The image painted of islam and Pakistan is a terrible one and the story in itself is not compelling.