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Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence - Daniel Goleman The title of this book holds a great promise and is well chosen to tease first generation of full-time smartphone users. Then, being written by [a:Daniel Goleman|829|Daniel Goleman|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1232135370p2/829.jpg] makes one want to read it even more, am I wrong?

However, the book fails to deliver on its promise in may ways. First of all, there just doesn't seem to be any focus in the book itself. Every chapter just reads as another collection of random thoughts on anything remotely to do with attention, focus, empathy or leadership. Mixed with some shallow neuroscience.

Then, many parts just looked too much like cheap rants against smartphones, computer games or even social media as a whole.

Even though I made some notes and probably will retain some of the learnings from this book, as a whole I wouldn't recommend it.